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Barcode Technology in Healthcare

On a daily basis, hospitals deal with the complications of inventory, tracking materials, patient validation, etc. With all this information fed manually is prone to lots of human error. errors such as wrong medicine delivery, administering wrong dosage, or wrong timing can be avoided by 2D barcode technology.

  • Inventory 

Inventory control is a complex and time-consuming process that every healthcare facility must deal with. Barcodes help manage these inventories wherever they are located, so that the right materials are available when and where you need them. Scanning the barcode on a product can also speed up the reorder process. A barcode-scanning system can be designed to automatically reorder products when they reach a specific inventory level, or prevent surgical utensils from being left inside a patient.

Softzoo Inventory

  • Tracking Materials 

Barcodes can track a supply to a particular patient and also identify the clinician who used it with the patient. Additionally, barcodes can be used to track an item back to the manufacturer, allowing for defective items to be refunded by the distributor. Anything that can be identified with numbers or numbers and letters can be tracked using barcodes, including medical records and laboratory results.

  • Patient Identification

Barcode technology can help prevent medical errors by making accurate and reliable information readily available at the point-of-care. Information, such as the drug identification, medication management, infusion safety, specimen collection, etc. and any other patient care activity can be easily tracked during the patient stay. Wristbands with barcodes that contain the information of the patient's medical record or visit number, and any other identifiers have been proven effective to provide proper patient care.

Barcoding technology in healthcare will eventually begin to shift over to the use of 2-D symbologies to accommodate size restrictions and the growing need for large amounts of data. This is already becoming a reality with the use of mobile phones and is bound to play an important role in the development of mobile Health.

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