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Inventory Management with Barcodes

Work smarter, not harder is the often-heard motto for business, what technology can boost operations? Your warehouse, field operations and business processes play an important role here. Therefore, Optimize stock management and improve the speed and accuracy of warehouse is the first thing you should consider.

Use barcode to save time

Handwriting or manually keying numbers can be a pain. For every one thousand keystrokes made by a person, there are an average of 10 errors made. Using a barcode scanner will avoid this kind of trouble. Errors in the front-end eventually mean shipment delays when employees have to search for items that may not be in stock or are misplaced. In addition, data mistakes can cause overspending when too much inventory is ordered.

Inventory tracking with barcodes

It saves time. When the inventory in your warehouse is not organized with an automated system, your employees will spend too much time keying in or writing down inventory, as well as physical searching for items in the warehouse to ship.

Less time searching means more time filling orders correctly and on-time. Don't wait until your business is faced with an inventory crisis before implementing barcodes along with dedicated inventory management software. Poor inventory management accounts for a high percentage of business failure. But adopting a barcode inventory management system can help your company function efficiently and make more profits in the long run.

Reduced Costs

Going mobile with your warehouse or factory delivers cost savings through reduced stock in hand, freeing up working capital and better space utilisation in your warehouse. Coupled with a stock control system or WMS, automated data collection via mobile devices enables faster processing and more sophisticated operational workflows which is essential for the omnichannel strategies of fulfilment centres and the increasing number of small-item picking and increased returns handling that modern warehouses have to process.

Improved customer satisfaction

Get orders out faster, reduce inaccuracies and process refunds to your customer’s satisfaction with a wireless mobile barcoding system. Business customers or consumers, your customer demands, and expectations of good services are higher than ever and operations productivity impacts satisfaction more than ever.

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